Permanent makeup in Beauty Derm Institute

For all of the women, who value comfort and simultaneously the beauty, we would like to offer the perfect solution – permanent makeup. This kind of makeup will make you beautiful and young at any time of the day and night and your look will be always perfect.

What is a permanent makeup?
Permanent makeup is long-lasting. Involves using an acupuncture’s needles to place the pigment under the layer of the skin. This process is accomplished by using a single or multiple sterile needles with pigment. Applied for eyebrows, top and bottom eyeliner and to change the proportions and emphasize the lips. Pigment stays forever, what emphasize your individual beauty.

Permanent makeup is curetlly the safest method of long-lasting makeups!

In Beauty Derm Institute, prices for permanent makeup start from 300PLN!

Our offer of permanent makeup:

  • Eyebrows – 600 PLN
  • Top eyeliner – 400 PLN
  • Bottom eyeliner – 300 PLN
  • Lipliner – 500 PLN
  • Lipliner + full lip 800 PLN