Finnish sauna (dry) and wet (steam)

In Beauty Derm Institute SPA Centre at Hotel Orbis Poseidon at your disposal we have two kind of sauna: dry sauna and steam sauna.

Dry Sauna (Finnish)

In Finnish Sauna the temperature is between 70 and 120 Celsius and air humidity at the level of 10%-20%. Stay at finnish sauna is held with dry air, hence its name arises. Using the sauna considerably accelerates to remove symptoms of fatigue and physical and mental exhaustion, stimulates the immune system, endocrine system and metabolism. Is a great factor which strengthens the organism and takes care of the body. Sauna shall be also used in order to treatment of specific problems ( like pain in the muscles) and functional impairment: problems with blood circulation, immune systems and respiratory systems. Dry bath in the sauna has a positive impact on the skin, gently cleanses the skin, removes toxins, elasticises and firms the skin. By boosting the bloodstream, enhances the metabolism, which fosters to loose weight and to remove cellulite. As soon as you leave the hot sauna, we preffer to cool down the body under the cold shower, which additionally energizes the skin and makes that the effect of sauna will stay longer. Dry Sauna is avaible everyday from 9.00 to 21.00.

Steam Sauna – wet

In steam sauna the temperature is between 45 to 65 C and very high level of air humidity, which reach even 90-100%. It gives an opportunity to take a steam bath for those who do not tolerate hot air in the sauna. Thanks to its conditions, stay in sauna could be much longer than in traditional sauna and can take several dozen of minutes. Hot steam has a healthy impact for skin, problems of respiratory tracts and rheumatic pains. Allows maximum comfort and deep relaxation in an appropriate environment. Steam sauna is avaible everyday for 9.00 to 21.00.

Extremely aromatic seances at sauna

We invite all of our guests for an extremely aromatic seanses in sauna. Combination between hot steam and aromatic oils produced by finnish sauna, will put you in a wonderful mood. Staying at the dry sauna has a positive influence on your body, cleanses the skin, makes it more flexible and firm also deprives of toxins. Connection with intensive aromatherapy will fill up state of your soul. Come and enjoy our aromatic, Siberian rituals of sauna:

  • Wednesday – Fruity Aroma Seanse – 16:00 i 16:30 i 17:00 (fruits served) (dry sauna)

Seanses take place in dry sauna are free of charge for cards owners, who are allowed to use it. For everyone else there is a possibility to use the sauna for extra fee – for more information ask at the front desk.