At the Beauty Derm Institute SPA Center in Hotel Poseidon in Gdańsk we are giving you an opportunity to give yourself over to the professional hands of our masseurs and masseuses. A wide range of massages, which we can offer you are relaxation, therapeutic, warm, aromatic and sports massages ending with the exclusive massage with acupressure. They will allow you to feel the atmosphere of relaxation for tired and taut (tight) body.

Before the each massage we carry out a professional interview, which helps to select the best technique of the massage and eliminates all of the contraindications.

For your disposal we offer massages for a whole body and partial massages adjusted for your needs.

Sports Massage

This is a physical treatment primarily used on the neuromusculoskeletal system to treat pain and disability. It most commonly includes kneading and manipulation of muscles, joint mobilization and joint manipulation. Gives a comfort for the muscles after the physical efforts. Sport massage is performed by energetic moves with greater power.

Classic Massage

Mechanical effect on tissues, stimulates nervous system, circulatory system and lymphatic system, simultaneously prevents muscle atrophy and rises their endurance. Classical massage perfectly nourishes, regenerates, makes the skin shiny and smooth and helps to forget about everyday problems.

Medical back massage

Classical back massage is a perfect combination relaxing massage with medical massage, perfectly soothing spine and back pains.

Relaxing massage – Aroma SPA Relax

Through deeply relaxation techniques of massages connected with specially selected aromatic essential oils, massage restores correct heart rhythm, improves blood circulation, prevents tension, eliminates stress and pain, improves concentrations and well-being. The treatment provides complete body relaxation.

Green Tea Massage

Anti-cellulite massage with green tea oils. Especially chosen natural extracts and plant oils help to reduce cellulite faster and prevent to arise cellulite again. Improves condition, flexibility and tension of the skin.

Anti-cellulite – Chinese bubble Massage

Restores smoothness and elasticity, improves flexibility and blood supply of the skin. Helps to reduce fat tissue and orange peel effect.

Hot Stones Massage

Combination of hot stones with unique techniques of relaxing massage is an ideal way for stressed mind and body of the human. Applications of (incredible warmth of) hot stones, improves blood circulation and metabolism also cleanses the body of toxins.

Herbal Stamps Massage

Heated stamps releases contained essential oils from herbs, simultaneously massaging the body. During cool down of stamps increases massage intensity. It makes that skin absorbed active substances contained in plants.

Therapeutic Massage

A different method of treatments are selected individually, depends on patient ailments. The therapist uses from techniques applied in manual therapy.

Thai SPA – Foot Massage

Author foot massage connected with toes and ancles massage. Is combined with bubble massage with using Skin Repair lotions.

Foot Massage – Reflexotherapy and Acupressure

The treatment stimulates (reflektoryczne) areas/zones and meridians, which beginnings and endings are located in foots. The meridians are a channel system by which the life force energy is circulated through the body.

Face Massage SPA

Treatment based on properties of relaxation and stimulation. Improves face shape and removes muscle tension with using lotion with essential oils (face, neck, neckline and head).