Aqua Aerobic – Activities in water at Beauty Derm Instytut SPA Center

Aqua Aerobikceasy way to lose weight during activities in water!!

We invite you to enjoy a full range of activities of aqua aerobics in the water. After each class you can use swimming pool, sauna and gym for very attractive price and unlimited period of time.

About Aqua Aerobic


Aqua aerobic is a modern form of fitness classes in the water. All of the classes are organized in groups and led by qualified instructors. The instructors have the knowledge required to carry out all activities and they are well-trained Aqua Aerobics instructors, fitness instructors, swimming instructors, lifeguards WOPR. All of them have extensive experience to conduct this type of activities.

Aqua aerobics is conducted with music which is specially selected and matched with respect of tempo, rhythm and style. These activities do not require swimming skills and high physical function from participants. This kind of exercises, by introducing a different environment such as water, gives participants an amazing sensation of movements.

The aquatic environment provides relief of the spine, promotes muscle relaxation and elongation of the spine, which facilitates the development of correct posture. Reduces increased muscle tension and allows to perform movements with full amplitude. Also it enables to strengthen muscular corset, due to exercises with using the power of water buoyancy.

Incessant water massage of practicing body speeds up the process of losing fatty tissue and helps to eliminate cellulitis. Each class allow to burn 400-500 kcal/h. All of the exercises in the water restore vitality.

Advantage of Aqua Aerobic

  • Reduces body fat (fat tissue)
  • Slims down and firms the body
  • Shapes the body
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Increases endurance of the body
  • Improves physical condition
  • Exercises relieve the spine and joints
  • Magnificently relaxes
  • Releases endorphins, which impacts positive effect on the mood
  • Swimming skills are not required


Pass/Ticket Aqua:

  • 1 entry Aqua – 35 PLN
  • 5 entrys Aqua – 130 PLN
  • 10 entrys Aqua – 250 PLN

As part of Aqua tickets, you can enjoy Aqua Aerobic, Aqua Zumba and all of the fitness classes. 1 class = 1 entry. Owners cards like: MultiSport (Benefit), OK Systems, FitFlex, FitProfit, FitSport are exempt from the charges. Classes are taking place 6 days per week.

Zobacz pełny, tygodniowy rozkład zajęć Fitness i Aqua Aerobiku.